Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Life in the Express Lane: Dumb Question of the Day

"Is this lane only open for people in wheelchairs?"
I was asked this question by two different customers an hour apart. Because I am nice and polite and professional at all times---it is what they pay me for---I managed to keep the Are you an idiot? look off my face. Okay, I tried to keep that look off my face. I may have failed in this case, but I swear I was only smiling for the sake of being friendly. Really. I was. I politely told them both that the wheelchair accessible sign is on all the lanes, to let customers know that their chairs will fit.

Because I am a professional and I have incredible self-control I did not say what I was really thinking:  "Yes, this is an exclusive lane, only intended for the ten customers a day who use wheelchairs or riding carts. Now scurry off to Lane 3 so I can stand here and write notes for the next chapter in my book."

Nope, didn't say it. So proud.

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